Welcome to doTerra!

When I started my journey to better health and wellness for my family, I was sure to put in the research. I took the time to find the source for many of our personal and home products. When it come to what we use on, around and inside our bodies I felt this was a very important task. The moment I was introduced to doTerra for our health needs I felt right at home. This company is so amazing! They do not have anything to hide, they put in the research for us and they give us everything we need to help make better health decisions. I invite you to put in your research and I am sure you will like what you find! 🙂

Start your research by reading below or you can visit the website: www.doterra.com


P.S. Be sure to read up on their co-impact sourcing and the Healing Hands Foundation! When I invest into doTerra, I am also investing into the future for my children.


Why dōTERRA? Why Essential Oils? Simply put, plant based wellness is the only way to improve and preserve our health in a sustainable way. dōTERRA as a whole shatters the typical industry standard your average essential oil company can produce.  Not only is Doterra creating the highest quality essential oils on the planet, they bring science and education to the forefront as a means of healthcare. Here are the main reasons we chose to align with this remarkable company:

PURITY: dōTERRA goes above and beyond to ensure each and every essential oil and product they made is the highest quality. They utilize the correct species of plant, parts of plant, geographic region, climate, altitude, harvest method, harvest season, and distillation process to ensure you only get the best. Dedication to purity is truly an understatement.

CO-IMPACT SOURCING: dōTERRA uses a global network of artisans to provide the raw materials used for essential oil production. That means our essential oils have literally traveled all over the world, from the very hands of the native people who have grown that specific plant best. This ensures the plants are not only properly cared for, but also grown in an environment that maximizes the essential oils’ potential. Not to mention the ripple effect that occurs when the economy is boosted. We are talking jobs, hospitals, schools, and so much more for these communities that need such an important lifeline.

3RD PARTY TESTING: dōTERRA utilizes 13 different methods of testing provide such CTPG oils. Each one of these tests is run 7-8 times through a 3rd party laboratory before essential oils are bottled! THESES TESTS INCLUDE: Stability , Heavy Metal , TCP/Microbial, Pesticide Analysis, Chiral GC, Isotope Carbon 14, Biochemical Pairing, Taxonomy, VOC Volatile Carbon Analysis, Thin Layer Chromatography, LC/LCMS.

SCIENTIFIC INVESTMENTS: As a billion dollar company, they have the ability to re-invest that money back into the science and education of essential oils. Wellness advocates like myself are given a direct pipeline of information, constantly evolving and growing as a community. We are the only essential oil company that has as maintains over 100 relationships with medical professionals, researchers, hospitals, and scientific professionals. No long in competition with MLM companies, Doterra is truly becoming a form of healthcare, backed and supported by science.

HEALING HANDS FOUNDATION: dōTERRA is committed to improving lives through partnering with organizations that offer hope to millions around the world. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant. dōTERRA provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring that 100 percent of all donations go directly to those receiving aid.

HOLISTIC COMMUNITY: As a whole, we are encouraged by our company to live better, using natural solutions to bring more wellness into our lives by reducing the chemicals in our products and homes, exercising the body and mind, nourishing ourselves with healthy foods and proper supplementation, and encouraging us to serve others in a heart centered way.

EARTH CONSCIOUS: Doterra cares about the planet. The name literally means, “gift of the earth” and they do everything in their power to give back, improve, and make this place more sustainable.