160 meter end fed antenna DX Engineering is your 1 source for wire antennas. End insulators are supplied making suspension easy. P. The designer says the antenna needs no ground so we did not connect the ground at first. Jul 15 2015 A multi band end fed wire antenna presents a potential problem in that a wave length antenna cut for say the 80 metre band will present a feed impedance of about 70 ohms however when the same antenna is used on the 40 metre band the feed point impendence will be several thousand ohms and therefore difficult to achieve a match even with a Aug 06 2015 Before I added 80 meter I operated that band with a end fed wire antenna. The antenna is fed via coaxial cable and passes through a tuned matching transformer. 43 m and 45 ft 13. Example 40 meters If you are operating on 7. KA1BSZ KX1MAD W6GH and 2 others like this. The Un Un matching unit is mounted to a fence post at around 7 feet from the ground. Dipole Antenna Length Calculator Dipoles antennas are easy to build and can be very effective when placed half a wavelenth or more above ground. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. The antenna can be fed as a random wire on other bands. High performance custom design rugged engineering for strong smart and XYL approved elegance. 20 Multiband Tuned Doublet Antenna. The DX EE No Trap 40 20 15 10 meter dipole or inverted V. This antenna has been made popular by the Emergency Amateur Radio Club of Hawaii EARCHI . I will test the antenna the coming weeks and hope propagation will go up. Easy to install and tune. End Fed EFHW 8010 1K 80M 10M Wire Antenna Amazon. About what one would expect from an end fed half wave a very high resistance with inductive reactance. Right from the first time I lit it up it work far better then I ever expected. 2MHz. Final opinion As with every end fed this is a compromise antenna. However you may find that your mono band delta loop may tune up on it 39 s second harmonic at a higher frequency eg. To make the best use of an End Fed antenna it should be fed with a transformer. 72 m . The main category is End Fed Antenna that is about End Fed Antenna projects and plans. AF4RK Ham Member QRZ Page. End Fed Wire The first antenna that I put up was a simple end fed wire. It is 10 inches long and will give excellent performance on 160 meters. com in a single category. 7m central support and a 12ft 3. Popular with disaster preppers emcomm ALE MARS ARES RACES and Real DX 160 6M. Thanks for sharing Have been using two different end fed wires 124 39 and 84 39 14 wire for abt 3 weeks now made the 9 1 ununS with junk box toroids and 16 enameled copper wire. K9AY 7. The antenna can be fed at one cor ner low impedance current fed or at the lower end of one of the vertical wires high impedance voltage fed . If you want to go the full monty just hook up 20. The Hy Power OCF160 160 meter version covers 6 10 12 17 20 40 80 and 160 meters. The sixty six foot version is built around a resonant 40 meter antenna and performs well on 80 meters. This is the best wire antenna I have tried. Free Shipping website . There are two main benefits in using an end fed half wave antenna over a co ax fed half wave dipole. Syndicated Contributors QRZ News QRZ News. jetstream jtlld130 jtlld 130 all band 160 6 meter ladder line fed dipole 130 39 Oct 24 2016 I ordered by PA3EKE the Hy End Fed Antenna for 20 meter. Earlier experiments with the 160 meter coil consisted of an end fed 37 foot rain gutter antenna. 87 91 The Half Square Antenna A simple modification to a dipole would be to add two 4 vertical wires one at each end as shown in Fig 2 . I have a 135ft end fed random wire sloper antenna with the 9 1 Unun at 25ft and the far end about 50ft up. 83 MHz associated with these bands makes gain antennas very large. unless it becomes too unwieldy by Winding the Wire back on itgelf. 10m coverage and 80m for that matter is a bit poor. Insulators at the end of the antenna Insulators to hold the wires above the flat nbsp End fed matching PA3HHO design review Owen Duffy 2015 This antenna is a 12m long multiband antenna for 40m 20m and 10m. An inverted L seems to be an extremely popular antenna for 160m and from the reading I ve seen it s doable here. One end goes straight into the rig often with no feedline and the other end in the air attached to something as high as you can find. He es tablished a field strength reference point at 100 W to the antenna using 8 Band does 160 75 80 40 20 17 12 10 and 6 meters tuner may be required for 160. 160m mini portable End Fed Half Wave Tuner VK5ZVS 3521 64. This is an End Fed Long Wire wire antenna that will cover all bands from 160 to 6 meters including the WARC bands as well as 60 meters and MARS frequencies. I use a 55 foot end fed 80 through 10 meter antenna. Considerations. All Antennas HF Base Portable. It is important to use a counterpoise. 000 to 14. The frequencies relate to each other as 3 to 4. This material is very strong yet can easily be coiled like a rope for portable work. txt or read online for free. Don 39 t wait for snow and ice to arrive Aug 24 2019 Because of local terrain a wire antenna fed from the tower end is preferred. input power 400 W p. Apr 03 2014 In the search for the Wonder Antenna that is small portable and easy to setup I ve decided to build an Endfed antenna using a 9 1 match. monoband end fed halfwave antenna PD7MAA A 9 1 Balun For Your End Fed Antenna The Par Electronics EF SWL is an end fed short wave antenna optimally designed for 1 30 MHz reception. When calculating optimum lengths we must use the velocity factor of the feedline. Post navigation. 8m of 100ft 30. 99 Dipole Antenna Calculator. Delta Loop Antenna. 0 m above ground. I then observed the signal strength when listening to the local ACS net on 80 meters. The type of Antenna the Length of Feed Lines used as well as the Impedance of the Feed Line. This antenna proves no exception to that rule. antenna s overall width is 68. Figure 9 90 Degree Tower Slant Wire Fed Example Like the 60 degree example this antenna has a quite acceptable circularity 0. When adjusting for minimum SWR adjust each leg the same amount current fed. 75dBi 704 j1167 vs 10. 10 160 meter J Pole Sr 60 foot end fed HF antenna 199. Technical Specs Antenna Tuner not Required. Since 4 on the right plus 1 4 on the left equals 1 I now had a full wavelength antenna with some gain compared to a dipole fed one quarter wavelength from one end. tical. The coax braid is ground rod connected. It is an end fed dipole This is a great end fed antenna complete with a 9 1 Unun . 2 ft 8. While this may be quite large this is still smaller than a 160 meter dipole. The dipole is any one of a class of antennas producing a radiation pattern approximating that of an elementary electric dipole with a radiating structure supporting a line current so energized that the current has only one node at each end. 50 shipping and handling 3. 00 Shipping UltraLite Junior 80 10 Meters 73 feet 115. HyEndFed multiband 80 40 20 15 10 meters band antenna. end the WI re farthest from the feed point attached to the end nay be lengthened or Shortened by the Wire. FD4 80 40 20 10 m . When unpowered the 1 4 unun connects directly to the antenna preserving the original 60 10 meter compromise SWR. Sidebar This antenna is very different from antennas fed with coax which require a tuner in the shack. My home HF antenna solution 160 ECO ANTENNE LW 40 long wire end fed dai 160 ai 6 metri. but not in a 40 to 41 meters 132 to 135 ft. Put the antenna back together hooked up the coax and my neighbor and I raised the antenna once again. 00. The Inverted quot L quot is a 1 4 wave Marconi fed against ground or a counterpoise such as radials. However antenna system efficiencies of the magnitudes quoted previously may not be realized in practice because of losses in the remaining parts of the antenna system. Multi wire Aerial Cage c. all band doublet covers 160 6 Meters with balanced line tuner. My ham club suggested a 102 feet ZEP antenna for me center fed with a ladder line 450 ohm. 8MHz therefore also resonant on the second harmonic of 3. Conversely the end fed halfwave is obviously in fashion but it needs a counterpoise to work. 9 m . I could only go up to 5 watts on 15 meters and 3 watts on 10 and 6 meters. L 39 UNUN 9 1 rimuove anche il rumore statico e fornisce un percorso DC a terra. This antenna covers 65 kHz of 160 meters 75 kHz of 80 meters and the entire 40 meter band with SWRs under 2 1. Big 2 1 8 quot bottom section tapers at the top to 3 8 of inch for flexibility strength and wide bandwidth. Single Element Top of Here is the pattern of the 160 80 meter antenna on 3. However having quot In the article quot Taming the End Fed Antenna quot quot The Antenna File quot RGSB pg 118 Alan Chester G3CCB SK proposed a solution for the high impedance of a 1 2 wave end fed antenna. A dipole isn t the best antenna for DXing 160m especially if you are unable to get it up in the air above 65 feet. Many amateurs shy away from 160 metres due to the band 39 s imagined large antenna requirements. Jul 03 2017 At the far end 80 meters away terminate the wire on an electric fence insulator and tie down with a nylon rope. 5 1. 0 MHz band in three segments. FOR SALE PORTABLE END FED 160 10 METERS HF DIPOLE ANTENNA Bug Out Bag. The antenna may also be deployed as a sloper with the Apr 03 2017 End fed horizontal wire an EFHW offers the perfect solution for a wide range of ham activities. Apr 26 2012 If one were to forgo 160 meter 1. In place of an active tuner a 10 turn 4 inch diameter tapped coil wound of 0. A quot long wire quot antenna is generally one that is long enough to exhibit appreciable gain over a half wave dipole. 00 Shipping End Fed 80 10 meter Antenna Random Length Wire Info RF Feedback Solutions MatchBox for End Fed Antennas. Analog Devices 39 employees share their tips tricks advice and hobbies. The UV resistant ABS plastic housing encloses an efficient matching network allowing the antenna to be fed with common 50 ohm coaxial cable. I used green duct tape to hold the clips in place. The antenna behaves like just like the common dipole but fed in one end . Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Mike Waters W0BTU. Figure 1 Basic 75 Meter Dipole. 9 MHz a little bit too high for the 60 meter band. This worked quite well The End Fed Zepp is a duplication of the end fed trailing wire antennas made famous by the giant airships End feeding a half wavelength antenna has certain physical advantages over center feeding the same length of wire It can be erected in limited space situations where for one reason or another the length of feedline needed to reach a If a longer antenna is desired the provided antenna can be lengthened. Dec 24 2016 Below are presented the results of EZNec modeling of a 90 ft long End Base Fed Inverted L 45 ft high and 45 ft across. 6 The antenna is two full size self supporting 23 meters tall x eight towers phased 4 squares that are spaced 5 8 wavelength apart broadside to Europe . We could make the antenna longer to get closer to resonance on 60 meters but that would give the antenna a bad SWR at the high end of This antenna is usually fed 1 3 from the end in other words its a 1 3 wire lenght feed point followed by 2 3 lenght of wire. Free shipping. The end fed 1 2 wave antenna much like the 43 foot vertical has become a cult phenomena. HF End Fed Antenna 1500W 160 10m Ham Antenna with 9 1 dual core UNUN 117 feet. It averages about 35 feet high and is fed with about 80 feet of 450 Ohm ladder line. Top Loaded End Fed Wire for 80 and 160 My first 160M antenna was completely improvised. Deactivated the antenna becomes a horizontally polarized ladder line fed doublet for use on 160 10 meters. 64 postage The Par Electronics EF SWL is an end fed short wave antenna optimally designed for 1 30 MHz reception. That meant most of my signal was going up not out. Antenna was originally a 66 foot 22 44 feet horizontal with 25 feet of 450 ohm LL vertical. This is an antenna with minimum handling and maximum performance 39 Description The HyEndFed multiband Antenna is an antenna for 5 bands 80 40 20 15 and 10 meters amateur band. 32 quot An Unorthodox Antenna quot is an 84 39 long end fed and a 17 39 long counterpoise 6. 160 METER K5WZ Horse Fence HF Dipole Antenna 6m 160m 175. This may be required if using the antenna as a horizontal end fed dipole with a short length of coax. Here are instructions for making a multiband end fed half wavelength antenna that works on 17 20 30 and 40 meter bands. 18 wire for numerous portable operations with great success. The ARRL Antenna Book Off Center Loaded Dipole Antennas QST magazine September 1974 quot The complete set of equations is expressed in the mathematical relationship below as Eq. quot EFHW quot the end fed half wave antenna. So far End Fed HF Antenna Multiband Wire Installation Setup With an antenna tuner I was able to work 10M 12M 15M 17M 20M 30M 40M 80M 160M I have confirm The antenna was tuned for 1840 kHz to maximize FT8 digital mode operation. 40m 80m 160m Bandwidth for 80 and 160 Meters On 80 and 160 meters an antenna with even modest gain can give you a very real edge in a contest. but I notice no rain static since I use the insulated wire and the ends of the antenna are pointed down instead of up. These values assume that the antenna tuner is placed at the feed point of the antenna and that a suitable ground is provided. it ig part Of the antenna element. 102 39 Radiator length 14AWG HD stranded copper wire fed with heavy duty 300 Ohm ladder line. the Cross Country Wireless End Fed Antenna matching unit is similar to that described in the 1939 edition of the Electrical and Radio Notes for Wireless Operators produced by the UK Air Ministry at the start of World War 2. It s a dipole fed off center with a 4 1 balun at the offset feed point. There is an extra benefit of a ground connection for an earth rod if required . It consists of 30ft of wire fed into a 9 1 UnUn Unbalanced to Unbalanced . 160 10 Meter W7FG Open Wire Fed Dipole 240 39 Top Length Dipole With 150 39 Feed Line 600 Open Wire Ladder Line One Conductor from Balun or Tuner to Far End Insulator No Splices Solder or Crimping to It is designed to match the high impedance of a non resonant end fed antenna into a range where most antenna tuners and some internal tuners can produce good performance. a EFHW antenna impedance is in the 2000 4000 ohms range. Even 1 4 wavelength above ground where horizontal antennas just start working like antennas is about 130 feet on 160m that would be a good elevation above 160 80 40 Meter 1 4 wave Twin Sloper DX B. but it can also be done which only reaches 80 40 meters. I 39 ve not seen any corona or arcing yet . pdf Wire Antennas pdf WireWinders WireWinder Plans 35ft End Fed Antenna pdf Field Day Vertical with UNUN Radio Prepper Magnetic Loops STLs Depending on your antenna geometry and the design of the counterpose the difference between NEC2 and NEC4 can be significant. I have heard for many years of the great challenge of putting up a DX antenna for 160 then actually getting it to work. This tower is series fed insulated base against a ground system of about one hundred 200 ft or longer radials. Ideal for 80 6m and when used with a good quality ATU a perfect match can be obtained on all bands. On the Internet there 39 s lot of discussion about this End Fed. Hits The end fed wire. 10. As you all probably know I use this comercial antenna with a lot of good rapports with my Bitx projects. I recommend that you seal the end carefully. 18 Bow Tie Dipole Antenna. This is the price paid for multiband coverage and physical short ening. 6MHz the third harmonic of 5. Jan 08 2009 The most simple is a 75 meter dipole fed with open wire or ladder line tuned up on 160 meters as shown in Figure 1. 00 Old price 110. 0 m and the longest wire is 35. It worked sort of but fried the choke After I had established my antennas for many of the HF bands dipole for 80 40M and Hex beam for 20 10M I turned my attention to 160 meters. The impedance of the antenna is in the 300 to 600 ohm range so I feed it with a 1 to 9 impedance matching unun. Results are encouraging but tuning them up can get a bit fiddley. The resonate end feds are usually fed with a 1 to 64 impedance unum. There is room for a 140 foot long antenna and also other trees for even longer. 5m end fed is insulated for safety. Unfortunately this antenna is widely misunderstood. Made for limited space operations. 99 45 . Can be used as a end fed shortwave antenna to provide continuous coverage from 500 kHz to 60 MHz. The random wire antenna is probably one of the least expensive easiest and cheapest HF antennas to use if you have a tuner and you want to get the quot most quot out of a length of quot random quot wire without having to pull out that calculator doing the math getting the center insulator built or bought running the feedline and all the rest that goes Standard approach for tuning and pruning the antenna is to start with the band where the antenna acts as a 1 2 wave end fed 40 mtrs for the 80 10 antenna 20 mtrs for the 40 10 version rather than for the lowest band. The longer the total wire the better. 1 2 dipole meters 142. Date and time Bon Final 160 Antenna W1 Division WB1GYZ 13 3 18 x2 36 End fed Zepp 20 39 K4JPN 2 2 4 2 Jul 10 2014 End Fed Windom Antenna Posted on July 10 2014 by SM6UNC During the SK6BA Fieldday I did together with Anders SM6UUN the End Fed Windom antenna that SM0JZT published in the QTC magazine no. The measures used were exactly one half of those used for the W3EDP 8. A small portable 160m EFHW tuner design. 3. The magic lengths to use with the End Fed longwire is 29 35. A Top Loaded Vertical on 80 160 Split the difference and load a Tee or inverted L on both 80 and 160 w tuner 90 100 ft is 3 8 on 80M 3 16 on 160M 160 170 ft is 5 8 on 80M 5 16 on 160M Radial Systems Provide a return for the fields and currents produced by an end fed antenna The earth is lossy burns transmitter power The finished End Fed Half Wave antenna coupler. You would use either 42 52 73 83 112 123 or 145 155 feet according to the chart above. This is a very valuable tool particularly on the 160 meter band. 00 Folded Terminated Dipole FTD 318. 65 frequency in Mhz Full wave loop feet 1005 frequency in Mhz Full wave loop meters 306. Small Coaxial Loop tuned for specific band This is an End Fed Long Wire wire antenna that will cover all bands from 160 to 6 meters including the WARC Bands as well as 60 meters and MARS frequencies. Again because it is a half wave antenna it does not need a ground plane. HIGH QUALITY Authentic KB9VBR 2 Meter VHF SLIM JIM amateur ham radio J Pole base antenna DBJ 1 Dual Band VHF UHF 2 meter 70cm ham base antenna ANTENNA TRIPOD 29FT ALUMINUM PORTABLE TOWER MAST KIT NEW 2 meter 70cm Dual Band Collapsible Copper J Pole Antenna by KC SDV Free shipping Inverted V antenna for 160 meters near 70 ft tower Pros and Cons of the Inverted V Antenna on 160 meters N0HR. The best transmission line to use in such a case is 450 ohm ladder line for its extremely low loss characteristic. OK back to the Antenna END FED HERTZ for 160 mt. Feb 17 2011 My rig consists of ICOM 7300 and a 1500 W automatic antenna tuner MJF . Aug 22 2016 The antenna cannot be an actual 1 4 wave length on any ham band. 5 1. 00 Base End Fed antenna for 20m 10 meter in length. 4. Place a 1 1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline. The Palstar AT2KD antenna tuner covers 6 to 160 Meters with a power rating of up to 2000 watts PEP and is identical in all respects to the AT2K except instead of three controls the tuner features just two to tune your antenna. It also performs very well on 80 and 40 meters. Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Trent Fleming lt 160 Meters 1. So a say 20m dipole could be resonant on say 10m but the feedpoint impedance is high. The 4 Band antennas are OCF off center fed with a 23 foot leg and a 45 foot leg totaling 68 feet. This is the mini version of the previous version. The key to end fed antenna success is the matching network interface between the long wire antenna and the coax feed line and feed line choke at the transceiver. Since the Unun end of the wire is the max current and max radiated energy point I plan to reverse the ends so that the Unun is at the high LW 40 END FED LONG WIRE MULTI BAND ANTENNA 80 6 METERS 1 6 52 MHz max. QSO KING End Fed Multi band Antenna 160 10 meters 1. A loop fed in the southwest corner will have a few dB 3dB or more gain favoring the northeast corner. Click here for an extensive construction manual of the 1 49 impedance transformer. Overall length is 40 ft. If you do have RF problems you can connect an earth or short 1m counterpoise to the earth green terminal. Select one end of a wire element with a lug installed. Scribd is the world 39 s largest social reading and publishing site. 3 2013. 160 80 40m End Fed Antenna Free download as PDF File . The MFJ 1778 G5RV consists of a 102 foot flat top fed with a 32. Small Coaxial Loop 4. Low gain but good low angle performance is apparent for 80 through Alpha Antenna 10 160 meter J Pole Sr 60 foot end fed HF antenna 10 160M_HF_JPole_Sr_60Ft 10 160 METER 60 39 END FED ANTENNA The Alpha J Pole Sr Antenna is only 60 feet in length. Rappaport 160 meter transmission line antenna Ham Radio Magazine May 1985 pp. This kit contains all parts to make a 10 20 40 meter band end fed antenna. There is a gully close to the big tower. When fed with a 1 4 unun a 43 foot antenna has a reasonable compromise SWR on 60 10 meters meaning that cable and unun losses are pretty much negligible on these bands. The rest are fed by a mix of coax types though I 39 m now going with DX Engineering 39 s version of RG 8X given I operate at 10 watts or less and all my dipoles except the 80 meter are less than 100 feet away. 23 28 j421 30 meter 7. quot QSO KING quot End Fed Antenna All HF Bands. Some history About two years ago February 2015 I had a QSO with ON9CC OT6M Frank on the 160 meter band. Jan 27 2017 A shortened multi band End Fed Half Wave EFHW antenna for 80 10m The 80 10m EFHW This is a shortened multiband antenna about 23m long for 80m 10m that offers low SWR 1. Tunes 160 6 meters with wide range antenna tuner Easy Installation Installation Guide Provided Rated at 850 watts PEP All stainless steel hardware 9 1 transformer is sealed against water infiltration Premium SO 239 antenna connector 14 gauge stranded insulated wire In stock and ready to ship Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Tim Duffy K3LR Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Mark Lunday. Running an inverted V or center fed dipole will place the feed point too far from the house and will present other problems with where the coax would come down. In this article I will try to share my experience with the end fed long wire antenna. May 18 2019 Added an additional three or so feet to each length as the wound coils shortened each leg wire of the antenna with coil in place 40 meter length still needs to be 25 feet and 80 meter with coil in place still needs to be 38 feet in length . End fed radiators have the unique quality of resonating on the 1 2 wave fundamental frequency plus odd even harmonics above Broad band matching transformer at feed point lets the entire HF spectrum be yours SWR is so low you may never need a tuner. 34 to 35 meters 111 to 115 ft. Thus 8 16 32 68 lengths are ruled out. Jan 09 2013 End Fed antennas have wild impedance swings. FT 140 43 ferrite toroid impedance transformer UnUn . Shop now Mar 06 2013 An end fed wire itself is half an antenna. To date my log is full of contacts with Europe on SSB as well as CW Australia South America and Oceania the Ural and Caspian Sea area of Russia and finally the Middle East Apr 10 2020 When you install your EFHW 8010 or any end fed it 39 s best to either a get both ends of the entire antenna as high as you can in the air and run coaxial cable from the feed transformer balun back to your radio or b install the antenna as a quot sloper quot with the coax feed end at least 10 feet off the ground and the distant end as high in the The versatile end fed wire. Add to cart. The enclosure. 5 KW 88 98 117 ft eBay Skip to main content AI4JI End Fed Longwire Antenna End Fed Longwire Antenna with a 9 1 UnUn rated at 700 watts covering 160 meters through 10 meters only 124 39 6 quot long. An 80 M half wave off center fed dipole with a feedpoint at about a 22. However we can reduce the space needed to a quarter wavelength if we decide to use an end fed antenna. I have a fan dipole for 160 75 40 meters cut to length on each leg to have low S. 5 39 for 20m . If you cannot get the antenna to tune check the wiring first. Example 2 Portable Ops. 62 m of Dacron rope. Operate mostly psk. Small Coaxial Loop tuned for specific band End fed half wave antenna One method of providing a multi band antenna for the amateur radio or ham bands is to use an end fed half wave antenna. 300 Ohm Twin Lead with the ends shorted is an option for even greater bandwidth. It tunes pretty well on all bands but I 39 m adding some counterpoise wires to improve 160 amp 80m. 4 meters of wire and you will have excellent effiency If you want to use it for lower bands merely 40 80 or even 160 you need MORE nbsp Frequency 160 6m inc WARC bands Unun 9 1 Length 41. I built a Flag antenna pointed at Europe and was pleased with the results. AB0X Roof Loop 2. 95 Saturn Fan Dipoles 159. I ordered by PA3EKE the Hy End Fed Antenna for 20 meter. See this link for more info. The dipole for 160 meters is just like the dipoles that we build for 40 or 20 meters. Second Beverage Antenna is lighting safety antenna because the antenna wire grounded from both sides and the antenna wire is placed at small height above the ground. Coax fed loops will usually have an SWR between 2 1 and 3 1. 95 assembled Click for a PDF product sheet. My longest distance contact on the band was only about 1100 miles away. 5 kW. 8MHz therefore nbsp 3 Jul 2017 Antenna building instructions article for Radio ZS This is about the easiest way to build a 160m antenna. 1 The 80 meter broadband antenna system. If you are after efficiency coax should never be quot tuned quot except in the case of minor mismatch for instance changing a 3. It is 148 foot of wire about 40 feet above ground between 2 tall trees. I can tune 160m 10m and make contacts on 80m to 10m when the bands are open. 53 dBi 63 j74 vs 7. G7FEK Limited Space Antenna G7FEK Multi band Nested Marconi Antenna 2008 Version rev 5 This antenna was first conceived as a simple dual band antenna in 1988 in an attempt to achieve sensible dual band operation in a small garden of 14m 46 ft length. 5K End Fed Long Wire Antenna. Jun 07 2020 Figure 5 End view of 40m antenna showing orange rods. Because I don 39 t cut the support ropes to length once the antenna is up I can take it down and put it back up within minutes. 30 40 80 und 160 mtr . One thread uses a full wave for 12m a coil and after that a wire of less than a meter to make 17m and 30m resonant. Jun 11 2020 The antenna is actually a 3 band CL OCFD antenna 160 80 amp 75 m where the center loading moves the natural third harmonic to the lower end of the 80 m band below the 75 m second harmonic. The formula can also be used to adjust the overall length to cover more or fewer bands and the resulting overall length. counterpoise a 67 ft. Extension To make it a multi band 10 20 40 80m antenna when little space is available End fed antenna building kit complete for 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 80 160 meter band. Another nice property of this antenna is that it has two points where the SWR is low around 1. This antenna is 268 feet long. The above graphic depicts the overall layout of the loop antenna consisting of 558 ft. Cut one piece of wire to 36 feet. If you want an end fed for 160m that actually works well you would go with a full 1 2 wavelength of wire about 250ft fed with a transformer that has a very high impedance output to match the 1 2 wave end fed. The extended G5RV and other flat tops are just dipoles with a different feed method. In the calculation a forty meter dipole on 160 meters will be 1. OVERVIEW The antenna is fed with a SO 239 connector attached to an integral 6 1 balun auto transformer. Secondly to perform for anything other than extremely local contacts on 160m it would need to be a lot higher than twenty feet above ground. The other 6 feet will be used to support the antenna at the ground ends gray closest to ground and for jumpers. 160 10m 80 10m or 40 10 meters depending on your available space. Hanno un UNUN 9 1 nel punto di alimentazione che consente l 39 alimentazione direttamente con cavo coassiale da 50 Ohm. on my 60 ft. pdf Text File . It s a sloped antenna but the end is still 65 above ground. 5 offset from one end will give access to all HF bands from 80 meters up to 10 meters. Sep 15 2010 The SWR of the antenna is from 14. I next tried varying the length of the The 3 2 wave 15 meter antenna really the 40 meter dipole has significant gain and is about 150 resistive depending on height. UltraLite Senior 160 10 Meters 140 feet 125. A quality antenna tuner will provide a perfect match on all bands from 160 6 meters. A standard recommendation see QST March 1936 p. 98. Aug 12 2016 All the gobbly gook and being scared off to try I took the info from an old 1940s hand book and built a 1 2 wave single wire end fed antenna for my vintage stack. I use 150 feet of wire on all bands between 160 and 10 metres and it works pretty well. 46Mhz its is obvious that Fo Mhz VSWR 1. 8 2 MHz operation an antenna with an electrical length of 74 feet should suffice and should be trimmed to give a quarter wave resonance at 3. It is designed as a highly portable wire antenna easily set up as an inverted V horizontal sloper or in the case of higher frequencies a vertical radiator. lower end of the slant wire. 7 ft 20. 510 MHz and 134 feet at 1. 2 2. Manufacturers of High Quality HF END FED Wire Antennas De trendsetters van de eindgevoede antennes sinds 2006 RW Antennastore model SL 160. 0 MHz performance was sub par since the dipole was only 25 feet above the ground and that s just a fraction of a wavelength on 160 meters. Seventy two ft. for feed. Transformer is at 65 fed with 80 of LMR400. The transmission line is segmented into one electrical wavelength of 50 coax and an electrical quarter wavelength of 75 coax. However this antenna is really not a good performer on 160 and 80 meters unless you provide WSPR 160 meter By Paul Stam PA K. The following table gives a few data points to consider. For that matter the off center fed types like the Carolina Windom are the same stuff. For modeling purposes a multi connection distributed grounded counterpoise is used. 160 meter AM without a 160 meter antenna 1 5 gt gt gt W1UJR Don 39 t have a 160 meter antenna or space for such Here is an idea Take the KA1KAQ Collins KW 1 add a large broadcast dummy load a quot T quot coax connector a 75 meter dipole and a few hundred watts of RF and you are on 160 meters. All QSOs must be made on 160 meters. 5 and 7Mhz My goal is to optimise this antenna it in the real world for 160 80 40 and 30 M 39 s Today I will make a big 12V relais with hugh contacts to short out the coils for 160M when I want to use it as a 3 5 and 7MHz antenna. Fed with RG8X coax with a 145 foot run to the shack. Half Delta Loop Antenna. 160M Is a Tough Band Propagation quite variable signals often not very strong heavy QRN during the summer Mostly a nightime band varies a lot through the night During the winter 800 miles or 160m Top Band End Fed Antenna G3YEU. The Antenna Farm High Frequency 160 10 Meters VHF amp UHF Mobile Radios Radio Accessories VHF amp UHF Hand Held Radios Antennas Mobile Antenna Mounts SWR Power Meters Adapters Coaxial Cable Two Way Accessories Antenna Accessories DC Power Supplies Coax Cable Accessories Connectors Aviation Radios Repeater Systems Towers amp Accessories Duplexers Diplexers amp Triplexers VHF amp UHF Base Stations Antenna construction centers around 50 Ohm coax in combination with 300 Ohm transmission line end section. I built a similar antenna a few years ago. A really good one perhaps 1 . ca Electronics. SSB 90. As long as possible Up to a wave Ferrite Bead Choke. Unlike many END FED antennas on the market this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. Short Beverage or EWE 40 80 Meters 1. I doubled the frequency again and the same thing happened. For example a 32 foot length is actually a half wave on 20m with an impedance of about 3500 ohms and requires a 50 1 balun. by TopbandHams. The antenna shown covers 80 40 20 and 10 meters. 4 1 impedance ratio is 2 1 turns ratio. The second piece would be 108 feet. You can also L shape it or zig zag it or Building Instructions for the end fed antenna note which toroidal you use. You will need a good ground system with an end fed quarter wave but use two in a dipole for a nice shortened loaded dipole antenna. Aug 06 2015 An End Fed Half Wave Length Antenna is a variation of the much more nbsp 2 m Wire dipole or inverted V AS 160 20 40 80 160 m dBi G5RV 160m 10m End Antenna Random antenna Fed Wire Wire Fed antenna LIMIT End nbsp 160 80 40 20 y 10m 1 8 3 5 3 7 7 14 28 MHz. We have been building these antennas for over 19 years. The SWR was adjusted using the tapping point on the coil near the feeder This tower supports ropes for 80 meter antennas and very long ropes that support four 1 4 wave tall vertical elements for a 160 meter four square. Antenna length based on the following formulars 1 2 dipole feet 468 frequency in Mhz. k. 10 20 40 m for 160 m Question about MSK144. 4MHz and fourth harmonic of 7. 2 into 468 gives 65 feet over all. 32 frequency in Mhz Cut wire slightly longer for connecting insulators and pruning. 5 foot 450 ohm matching section ending in an SO 239 coaxial connector. No antenna pruning required. 5 wavelengths On 40 Meters it is 5 8 wavelength On 80 Meters it is slightly less than 3 8 wavelength 6 80 METER 34 END FED ANTENNA. Here is the pattern of the 160 80 meter antenna on 3. The 80 meters and 160 meters antenna legs converge on the antenna center unit with linear loading elements constructed on 1 2 PVC pipe frames also visible near the center unit. 450 watt Complete DIY kit EndFed Multiband Antenna for 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 80 160 Meters and max 450Watts Jun 27 2017 this pdf file desscribes how to homemade a multi band end fed trapped wire antenna resonating on the low bands of 160 80 and 40 meters contains trap design instructions and some construction tips . In fact all antennas fed against ground require a radial system if losses are to be kept low. The balun will test as a short when testing using a DC Ohm meter and will test correctly at RF frequencies when erected and using an antenna analyzer. Provided for the operator 39 s 50 Ohm feed line is an SO 239 a silver plated connector having Teflon insulation and a gold plated socket. The antenna has a full 300kHz bandwidth on 80m between 3 1 SWR points. Elevation patterns and Azimuth patterns at the peak of low angle radiation are plotted for all ham bands 160 Meters through 6 Meters. This is essentially a dipole cut for the lowest frequency of interest and fed with 450 ohm ladder line. 1906. It typically is configured as an inverted L for 160 meters using a small BC variable in series at the feedpoint to tune for lowest SWR using only 100 watts . The coupler mounts directly to the rear of the rig via the BNC plug and the End Fed Half Wave antenna connects directly to the banana jack. The antenna wire is some of my handy 17 Gauge aluminum electric fence wire. Dual ferrite bead variable 9 1 unun for end fed long wire. First of. Part of the issue is the requisite inductance of the coil. It was sweet 1 Falcon 160 10 Meter Off Center Fed Dipole Amateur Ham Radio Antenna 160 Thru 10 Meter Now Covers 6 Meter Band as Well. 160 40 30 15 nbsp Unlike many END FED antennas on the market this one does not require the Antenna Tuner to operate. Coil 5inch Diam 16SWG wire Wound 3. The AT2K 2000 watt antenna tuner covers 160 to 6 Meters with a power rating of up to 2000 watts PEP and features a newly designed smaller roller inductor allowing the AT2K to tune 6 Meters without the need for the additional red button as on older models. Motivation for this Antenna 6 Past 160 m solutions motivated me to solve the wind and performance problems at the N9NB ridge top location A low profile 160 m antenna in college for my apartment T. quot The very valid reason for this is that the high impedance of the feedpoint was outside the range of most transmitters and external tuning units. quot May 09 2017 Review of MFJ 1984MP End Fed Multi band Antenna 89 Trying out the MFJ 1982 LP 80 10 Meter End Fed QRP Ham Radio Antenna. I discovered antenna computer modeling as an alternative to the cut n try methods. Excellent for portable field operation as well 100 watt maximum power. The OCF160 covers nbsp 160m mini portable End Fed Half Wave Tuner MkII. 40m 80m 160m Short Dipole Antenna. Hence an end fed radiator that is dimensioned for the 80 meter band can also It is a regular multiband end fed for 160 80 40 20 10m there were no WARC nbsp 160 6 METERS END FED ANTENNA The ULTIMAX DXTREME end fed antenna covering 1. Page 5 Meter Band MFJ 1778 G5RV Multiband Antenna 30 meter band On 30 meters the MFJ 1778 G5RV functions as an extended double zepp. repogitioning the end and re Don 39 t cut thia off. The difference being that they are BIG With out any loading coils to possibly shorten the antenna it will be nearly 260 feet long Of course this is larger than a typical city home lot so the dipole may have limited application. when switch to 3. Oct 17 2017 An end fed half wave antenna is one of a specific length depending on the frequency that it is to be used on for example an end fed half wave antenna for 80 meters is about 130 long. Hassle free Wide bandwidth and no tuner needed dipoles because the antenna is about 1 2 wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation. W. 67 dBi 155 j354 vs 8. For best results on 160 meters the tuner must be low loss. 30 Watts QRP 80 10 Meters. 26 watching AEcreative 10 160 Meter Amateur ham HF Band Radio Wire Loop Antenna Balun Unun DIY kit T200 2 Type 2 Iron Powder ferrite toroid core 16AWG Enameled Magnet Winding Wire 3. I 39 ve also used the shortened version 67 39 tuned for 40m with 110uH coil and 6 39 wire after that for Nov 17 2010 The End Fed Half Wave antenna described is a very good choice for those operators who have limited space and require an effective radiator. 7 dB worse than on forty meters. But be warned nbsp End fed antenna building kit complete for 10 20 40 meter band. The Maple Leaf quot QSO KING quot is an end fed multiband wire antenna that will cover all bands from160 to 6 meters including the WARC Bands as well as 60 metersandMARS frequencies. The coil does dissipate some power. I soldered my antenna wires to the connector and used tape and sealant around the coax. Model 9008700. Works with a 4 1 UNUN. Will cover 160 10m with a tuner. The picture on the right above shows an OCF Dipole with the feedpoint positioned at the same feedpint of the classical WINDOM antenna fed with 50 Ohm coax through a 4 1 or 6 1 balun at a point 1 3 of the distance from one end. 0 4. On 20 Meters it is 1. The antenna is made of 14 plastic coated solid copper wire. In October 2012 I changed my 160 meter transmitting antenna to an Inverted L with FCP folded counter poise . Tunes all bands 160 to 10 meters with tuner in my rig W4FSV SOUTH 160 Meter Loop Antenna. 3 At W4KAZ Keith replaced 30 miscel laneous short 37 feet elevated radials below his 160 meter inverted L with an FCP and an isolation transformer. 8 MHz nbsp The overall length of the 160 meter off center fed antenna is 268 feet. The original design called for a 17 ft. The antenna tunes well on all bands but working DX will become increasingly harder from 40 and up. In radio and telecommunications a dipole antenna or doublet is the simplest and most widely used class of antenna. The radiator is 45 feet of genuine 14 black polyethylene coated Flex Weave wire. It has Connect the co ax at the center point or middle of the antenna the center lead of the co ax to one leg and the braid to the other leg. The loop really really cuts the mustard on 160 80 and 40 meters compared to a dipole at the same height. The wire is more expensive than others but resists kinking In the end I decided to use a 57m due to the position of supporting structures long doublet fed with 450 ohm ladder line and connected to an auto atu at the base of the antenna. 50 for UPS or from your local dealer. RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave EFH Antennas 160 Meters 265 39 Ideal Compact Antenna for Indoors Outdoors Attics for SWL amp Amateur Radio. This is about 70 feet long and runs from the second floor window where the station is located down to a large tree in the back yard. This antenna is a half wavelength at the lowest frequency of operation and then as the other bands on which t can be used are harmonically related it provides a multiple number of half wavelengths. The resource is currently listed in dxzone. The FCP was developed by K2AV. I have worked the world with it barefoot on all phone bands with no issues. S. It goes down a hill. They work well. A few years ago I acquired a multiband commercial antenna called a half sloper. DX LB Low Band Dipole Covers 160 80 40 meters with an overall length of only 100 ft. Watch. You pay a price for this improve ment however namely that the antenna now provides useful performance only on 160 meters unless additional quarter wave wires are added to the ends as Beezley discusses. You can see the center insulator feed point design a few blogs back. 2 Check to see that a good SWR can be obtained in or near 160 m. A couple of metal rods driven into the soil will not take the place of a radial system. This is a half square antenna. The loaded antenna has pretty narrow bandwidth about 40 KC 2 1 SWR range which I view as a good thing an indication that there isn 39 t a lot of loss. S. 95 DX Off Center Fed Windom 69. 66 end nbsp A 160 Meter Antenna for a Small Backyard. 12V or 12V resonates the antenna on 80 or 160 meters respectively. 900 but the SWR is 3 1. However especially if one operates portable one can still do quite well with simple antennas that are a fraction of a wavelength tall. The current distribution of the antenna and matching line is shown in Nov 22 2017 for the 160 Meter Band. The Pennant was originated by EA3VY and optimized for 160 meters by K6SE who first wrote about them on the Top Band Reflector in 1998. 1. Antenna 160 meter RW Antennastore 160 Meter Half Sloper End Fed Ham Radio Antenna . 350 1 1 2 so very good. The squares can be fed broadside 45 and 255 degrees or end fire 135 and 315 degrees . Feeding an End Fed Half Wave Antenna l May work somewhat since the coax shield acts as a counterpoise Coax shield provides the return path for the RF field Performance will vary with X proximity to ground etc SWR losses on the coax can be a problem Tuner needs to be at the base of the antenna X RF Field Tuner PackTennas use full size wire antenna elements that can be configured in a variety of ways including verticals dipoles inverted vee s and long wires delivering full size antenna performance. Unlike typical antennas this is a non resonant End fed antenna. 160 meter end fed G3YEU 2038 47. Antenna END FED HERTZ per i 160 mt. 7m Socket SO239 Power 400W nbsp Results 1 30 of 32 LW 20 END FED LONG WIRE MULTI BAND ANTENNA 80 6 m. MFJ Enterprises Inc Ameritron Hy Gain Hygain Cushcraft Vectronics Mirage MFJ MFJ Enterprises Antenna Radio Ham Radio Amateur Radio Tuner Analyzer Starkville Amplifier HF End Fed Antenna 1500W 160 10m Ham Antenna with 9 1 dual core UNUN 117 feet ULTIMAX HW END FED NO ANTENNA TUNER 10 80 Meters. I test on the fly and learn from that. Apr 22 2020 Plenty of advice already but specifically to your question I have a end fed wire 134 39 long with a 49 1 transformer coax fed. 95 285. example a 28 31 foot wire will typically allow 40 thru 10 meter coverage and a 43 50 foot wire will provide access to 80 thru 10 meters. As for 160 meters consider it lost. on 160 meters. I have built a number of these on different bands and found the design extremely repeatable. As erected in 2007 January the center is 20 ft 6. And I m going to keep this VERY simple 1 80 meter dipole coax fed. 160 Thru 6 Meter All Band Doublet Antenna 102 ft. For a conventional antenna I would normally split this wire in half and place a feed point in the center. It is essentially a coax fed G5RV scaled for best performance on 25 meters. The end fed antenna is essentially half a dipole it uses a good earth connection to complete the arangment. Sep 06 2012 It is supposed to handle 160 meters to 10 meters which is perfect for my application. Oct 25 2015 If you didn t have enough space for the 80m antenna you could consider stopping at the 180 point on the chart where again there is another convergence of zero amplitudes for the 40 20 15 and 10 meter bands or maybe you could stop at 250 and attempt to capture the 60 15 30 and 12 meter bands. 5 to2 nbsp 19 Jul 2016 A combination of antenna designs namely the J Pole and Zepp along with Alpha Antenna 39 s matching network technologies are utilized to nbsp With a good antenna tuner the antenna will work 6 thru 160 meters. 6160 COIL. 95. This tuner isn t something you can buy so you ll have to Jan 24 2019 The random wire antenna is probably one of the least expensive easiest and cheapest HF antennas to use if you have a tuner and you want to get the quot most quot out of a length of quot random quot wire without having to pull out that calculator doing the math getting the center insulator built or bought running the feedline and all the rest that goes with putting up a more elaborate antenna. 160 Meter Off Center Fed Shown below are the radiation patterns for the Hy Power Antenna Company 39 s 160 meter off center fed antenna mounted 80 feet above average ground. As you see the antenna is a sloping center fed doublet. WARNING To avoid problems the best way to operate 160 with an 80 or 40 meter antenna is to load either or both feedline wires in parallel as a longwire. 13 Aug 2016 Quick video on an inexpensive and relatively compact antenna to get you on the top band. If you only have one support an end fed antenna may suit you better. The antenna is sported by a 22ft 6. Contains trap design instructions and some construction tips. 17m 20m 40m have been active with very good results seems to tune all hf bands 10 160. The 6160 coil is 6 inches in diameter and is wound with 12 Ga. Longer wire is always more efficient but is usually best kept under 300 feet as the characteristics of a Beverage antenna begin to show up beyond this length. Mel 39 s suggestion of a tall vertical radiator whatever you can erect and feel good about wind loading with an aggressive capacitive top hat and 39 matched 39 with an autotransformer at the base works just spectacularly on 160 and 80 meters I had one in the mountains with nearly a mile of wire in the radial system beneath it. Results are excellant. R s it is fed with 85 or so feet of LMR 400 coax. Note that 44 25 equals about a quarter wave for 80 meters if used as an inverted L antenna. A big screw is placed in the tree and a 16 cm length of gray PVC pipe was used as an insulator. To find the half wave Mar 21 2004 wb3cez wrote I have been wanting to put up an antenna for 160 meters but have space restrictions. It was established experimentally that Sloper wins on a top loaded Vertical of 21 meter about 10 dB in the direction of maximum radiation and the same amount less in the back. This is an End Fed multi band wire antenna that will cover all bands from 160 to 10 meters including the WARC Bands as well as 60m meters and MARS nbsp My homemade amateur radio antenna for the 160 meter band is the result of many considerations inner debates and tests. Dec 25 2010 Of course if you initially deploy a quarter wave sloper wire for 80 meter operation and then decide to use it on 40 meters it instantly becomes a half wave end fed antenna. 9 out of 5 stars 16 45. 3 This antenna was constructed using two 10 foot sections of 4 inch PVC pipe joined two lengths of 140 feet of 18 wire and wound at 1 turn per inch over each 10 foot section and the wires connected at The antenna was deigned for the ham radio bands of the day 160 80 40 20 and 10 metres. Strip about 1 4 inch of insulation from the element wire and insert the wire into the crimp end of the wire lug making sure the wire does not protrude from the crimp onto the ring surface. However when I operated on the lowest ham band 160 meters 1. Dec 25 2010 Above This gutter antenna is connected via an upper roof level downspout where no personal contact is possible. Other feed ar JETSTREAM JTLLD130 ALL BAND 160 6 METER LADDER LINE FED DIPOLE 130 39 OUT OF STOCK 80 Meter Pre Assembled Heavy Duty Dipole Antenna BACKORDER 60 Meter Pre Assembled Heavy Duty Dipole Antenna BACKORDER 10 Meter Pre Assembled Heavy Duty Dipole Antenna BACKORDER The limbs of the tree became supports for several experimental antennas used from the 160 to 30 meter bands. Ver2cal 39 Wire 39 Antenna 39 Actually 39 a 39 ver2cally 39 orientated 39 resonate 39 1 2 39 wave 39 dipole 39 with 39 the 39 earth 39 being 39 the 39 return 39 half 39 Due 39 to 39 poor 39 ground 39 conduc2vity 39 a Aug 15 2016 Dropping the ability to tune in 160m seems an acceptable trade off for the advantage of having a shorter multiband end fed antenna with no counterpoise cables on the ground. A few months ago I bought a FT140 43 toroid to make myself a homebrew End Fed wire antenna without the need for a tuner. Even if you managed to get it to wave up at 160 Meters about 70 feet it would be problematic. 10 m. Nel mio caso l 39 antenna fatta per i 160 metri e quindi con la solita formula 142 freq si ottiene la lunghezza del filo di 77 Install a 14 gauge wire lug to one end of each of the wire elements. 5KW PEP ununs. It is not necessary. 40 160 meters. I ve been using a 50 foot version of the no counter poise end fed zepp end fed random wire whatever for several years now for portable ops. Sep 15 2002 43 foot 10 160 meter multiband foldover vertical antenna with unun The 43 foot 10 160 meter Multi Band Vertical antenna is a freestanding vertical element with no traps or coils. 30 Watts QRP 40 10 Meters. The height in my trees would be at 65 70 feet. The antenna This 10 160 meter tuned horizontal loop antenna is fed with 450 ohm ladder line all the way into the ham shack to an Palstar AT1500BAL balanced line antenna tuner. QSO King end fed for a new General class ham. Apr 18 2013 40 thru 10 Meter End Fed Antenna for RV Here is a pic of the 9 1UNUN I built last night for a 40 thru 10 meter end fed antenna I want to try out for our RV. It can be configured to be used with dipoles and inverted vees as well. We had been using it as our primary multi band HF dipole antenna. Antenna Wire Lengths The following are the recommended wire lengths in feet to cover 160 10 meters. End Fed Wire Antenna Deplo mentEnd Fed Wire Antenna Deployment Deployed as any wire dipole Simplifies feed line arrangement and support requirements Pattern amp gain is same asPattern amp gain is same as the equivalent center fed dipole configuration. 1 shows the two essential dimensions of a real dipole. a lack of antennas for the low bands 160 meters and 80 meters. 95 kit G5RVA 74. Antenna performance and 2 1 VSWR bandwidth is site dependent and varies with height above ground and surrounding objects. This link is listed in our web site directory since Sunday May 28 2017 and till today quot End Fed antenna for 160 80 40 meters band quot has been followed for a total of 4369 times. 19 Bow Tie Folded Dipole Antenna for RX. Made in USA Will also work on many other bands with use of a tuner Max length 65 Minimum height 30 Should be connected to a unun covers 160 to 10 meter This is an End Fed Long Wire wire antenna that will cover all bands from 160 to 6 meters including the WARC Bands as well as 60 meters and MARS frequencies. I use end fed antennas quite a bit for my portable ops which are always QRP which means that to make contacts the antenna needs to work and they do work. February 2015 . This is a great end fed antenna complete with a 9 1 Unun . For 160 meters this antenna is quite big. The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. Handles 1. 95 279. The antenna will act like a quot T quot antenna worked against the station ground. The ends are at a high voltage low current point. Some houses don t really lend themselves to installing a half wave dipole. The installation has the quot business quot end of the 130 feet antenna wire about 50 feet high sloping down to about 8 feet with some para cord support from an overhanging tree near mid run to keep the antenna wire high as long as possible. I like to The versatile end fed wire A piece of wire of almost any length can be used as an antenna on the HF bands. The unique design characteristics of this HF JPole antenna enables it to operate continuously from 10 through 160 meters with only the use of your wide band external antenna tuner. com. RadioWavz End Fed Half Wave EFH Antenna 80 Meters 125 39 8 quot Ideal Compact Antenna for Indoors Outdoors Attics for SWL amp Amateur Radio. Also covers 30 17 amp 12 meters with an antenna tuner. This automatically tunable antenna coupler is an ideal solution for this type of installation due to the fact that the rain gutter looks like a non resonant end End Fed Dipole 80 6 meter Portable HF Antenna Matchbox System. No Radials free standing. I am not a mathematician that calculate ohms coils etc. The calculated and actual lengths are shown in Off Center Fed Dipole Antenna for the HF bands and 6 m from 3 to 54 MHz. I also have band cut dipoles for 160 80 and 40. The far end of the antenna is about 6 feet above the ground. 88 should also work well. On 160 meters it s resonant at 1. The end fed antenna works well in horizontal sloper and vertical configurations. This table is provides some idea of the characteristic curve of this antenna which is resonant at 3. The 160 meter coil plus an 80 meter mobile antenna were placed at the far end opposite the feed point. The length of a half wave antenna is calculated using the following formula L ft 468 f freq in mhz . 132ft inverted L. Fig. . We continue our antenna offerings with this single band 80m 10m end fed half wave wire antenna. As designed the matchbox can handle up to 150 watts PEP. So far this provides operation on 160m 80m and 40m bottom end of all bands for CW operation without a tuner. Our best selling antenna is our 160 meter ruggedized quot half sloper quot . I don t what I am going to change but this one behaves weirdly. Although it will load up well on 160 meters about the best you can expect is to get out better than the folks that are trying to run mobile. The air core nbsp A reduced size 80 meter antenna designed for small lots portable use and a fine This one is fed with ladder line a balun and coax and does not require an antenna tuner Broadband Transmitting Wire Antennas for 160 through 10 Meters AEcreative 10 160 Meter Amateur ham HF Band Radio Wire Loop Antenna Balun and I was able to put together a 9 1 UnUn for an end fed antenna easily. It covers 7 bands 10 12 15 17 20 30 40m. This is a blog nbsp 15. Continue reading quot Portable Antennas The EARCHI End Fed quot End Fed Wire Antenna. Always keep the non Off center fed dipoles OCFs are 1 2 wavelength wire antennas fed at neither the center nor the end but somewhere between off center. Whew lucky I did not burn something up I know why it stunk but there are still some out there that figure if their good old trusty tuner loads up and somehow a length antenna seems too work on 160 they are good to go NOT Jul 07 2020 Been using an end fed Alpha Antenna J Pole Sr 6 160 meters as my one and only antenna at my current QTH for almost 3 years now. Enjoy 160m there are quite a few ham radio operators in ZS who would love to have a QSO with you 73 de Eddie ZS6BNE A popular and effective antenna for 160 meters is the inverted L. End loading the F3 40 meter 6. Though my FD4 was of course not the most appropriate antenna setup to use on this band Frank actually managed to read my signal. He has nbsp Al met al ben ik zeer content met de 160m HyEndFed antenne voor mij een experience with other multi band end fed antennas was they were usually 1. The unique design characteristics of this 10 160 Meter HF JPole antenna enables it to approach resonance on the major HF bands 10 12 15 17 20 40 80 Meters all of Jan 08 2015 The bands lie in quite good harmonic relation and so one end fed Zepp approximately 69 feet long flat top only will operate efficiently on the 40 20 and 10 meter ham bands. MBITR Tactical Vest Antenna 124. Doing so will interfere with antenna performance. 35 36 A new trap design using only RG 58 and PVC pipe yields better space efficiency than conventional coaxial traps. Antennas for 160 meters on a standard half acre 100 x 200 ft suburban house lot pose quite a problem. tower. Evolving from a simple end fed Marconi for 80m the idea was to use the opposing 500khz from 1. Hang it up in a hotel balcony or string it up in the attic. Dec 09 2019 Home of the rugged 160 Meter quot sloper quot antenna Want on 160M but cramped for antenna space We have your solution If you have 40 50 39 height and about 60 39 horizontal space we have the perfect antenna to get you on the air With the weather changing now is the time for tower and antenna maintenance. I urge you to make an effort to match your feed line to your 160 meter antenna and to match your end fed wire to the transmitter. The first thing I tried was end feeding it against that wrought iron fence. Chester rationalized that there might be some impedance friendly length of wire usable for an end fed antenna near 1 2 wave that didn 39 t present the tough to E 39 naturale che non faccia i miracoli l 39 amata End Fed Hertz perch si pu trattare di pochi dB non lasciatevi trascinare dagli entusiasmi di chi trova 10 20dB tra un 39 antenna e l 39 altra o si tratta di fatti occasionali o di posizioni diverse o di lobi di radiazione diversi o di tempi d 39 osservazione con propagazioni diverse oppure l The QRPGuys Portable Multi Band End Fed Antenna is designed as a portable 40 30 20m two trap wire antenna with a built in tuner and SWR indicator. that 160 and 80 meter Bands were closed for me. I mounted a female coax connector onto an aluminum bracket and clamped the bracket to the protruding end of the ground rod. 300 14. I use it on 40m as well. quot When I hear 160 meter antenna descriptions of this type I say quot ouch Off Center Fed Full Wave Doublet Antenna 40m 80m 160m Short Dipole Antenna 160m Capacitance Loaded Vertical Antenna nbsp The pictures show it being tested with a 39 foot piece of poly stealth 18 LAYING ON THE GROUND End fed HF antenna matchbox that is quick and easy to setup nbsp Need a high performance multi band stealthy antenna system that is easy to setup and use and is rated for full 1500 PEP Get the Bullet Senior an upgrade to nbsp The unique design characteristics of this 10 160 Meter HF JPole antenna enables it to approach resonance on the major HF bands 10 12 15 17 20 40 80 Meters nbsp 26 Mar 2020 The first 6ft 1. The computer simulations showed that the 80 meter antenna would have Ham Radio A 160 meter end fed half wave antenna on 630 meters April 6 2020 April 13 2020. The model indicated that on 80 meters my quarter wavelength 160 meter Marconi antenna would represent a load of 2867 J117. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. 10 20 40m Endfed antenna nbsp 160m End Fed antenna. My SWR testing on the second harmonics showed RF and SWR needles swinging up and down together which usually isn 39 t a good indication of an efficient antenna. We start by marking and eventually drilling the holes to be able to place the End fed antenna connection and strain relief. 31 MHz. Many say that there is two antennas in this category the end fed and a that you should 39 t use a 9 1 unun on 160m since a high impedance and ha high SWR. Random Length Radiator Wire Antenna. May 28 2016 2 dBi 29 for 80 meters this is quite functional 8 dBi 23 for 160 meters lossy but it does work Several things are apparent The antenna has better than nothing at all performance on 160 meters and is certainly interesting for this difficult band. Other bands will require a tuner. Listed under the Antennas End Fed category that is about End Fed Antenna. The rest of the wire is used for supporting the antenna Construction is much the same as the End Fed Vee. If fed off center say at 30 70 point impedance is approximately 200 ohms and can be used on multiple bands with an antenna tuner. AEcreative 10 160 Meter Amateur ham HF Band Radio Wire Loop Antenna Balun nbsp I decided to make a trapped 80 160 meter vertical dipole with the feed point at The antenna is fed with open wire half way the vertical part on the left red circle . End Fed Halfwave. antenna we can achieve an SWR of less than 2 1 on all frequencies on all HF bands with the exception of the lowest part of 80m. 160m Top Band End Fed Antenna G3YEU. Includes 4 1 transformer balun mounting plate insulators and 2 x 25 ft 7. Mr. Early antenna history of the station reveals an experimental multi wire aerial cage was strung approximately 90 feet in the air above the campus between chimneys of Havemeyer and Schermerhorn Halls the cage being self resonant between 200 and 300 meters and fed with single wire feeder at the Havemeyer end. In the mean time I changed my 3 bands wire for a 5 bands wire. Whether you re QRP backpack vacationing emcomm station or an antenna neighbors will never see MFJs got an EFHW for you MFJ 1982LP 49. The unun secondary taps into the inductor at the 200 ohm point on 80 and 160 meters. Above This is my SOUTH 160 Meter loop antenna. Having very good results using the tuner in 756 icom pro. The black dots represent exact harmonics of the 3. The 40m antenna also resonates on 15m nicely with a decent match. That makes ignoring the antenna bandwidth and just feeding the system through a tuner a good option. Armed Forces and many other military organizations including NATO UN international disaster relief organizations emergency management operations and countless commercial organizations around the world. Then a shunt fed gamma match at 160 meters could be used on the other side of the tower in tandem with the 80 meter parallel vertical wire for simultaneous resonance at 80 and 160 meters without sacrificing radia tion efficiency in either antenna. 30 duty cycle. It works well for local and DX communications if a ground radial system is used with it. antenna system to the FCP and isolation transformer is a common report that the antenna is quieter afterward. However I do like these antennas they work almost as good as a mono band dipole would. The Hy Power OCF40 40 meter version is the same as the OCF80 but is only 66 feet long the feed is 23 feet from the feed point and it only overs 6 10 20 and 40 meters. I am ok with QRP but QRPp with this poor excuse for an antenna is more painful than I like. 30 works particularly well 20 to 10 work as expected for an end fed. SWL NOTE A wide range tuner may be needed to tune this antenna to 160 6 meters. A single wire with high performance on 160 80 40 amp 30 meters 80M End Fed Zepp Antenna MFJ 1772B. Please be aware the NVIS is not a DX antenna This antenna system was developed for reliable communication within 400 miles with 100 Watts or less power. The antenna proper is a center fed half wavelength dipole. Feb 10 2020 The end fed wire. Here is a sure fire way to make end fed half wave antennas fed with a 50 ohm coupler work without long radials elaborate grounds chokes voodoo etc. 160 6M End Fed Wire 53Ft. 125. Both are cut to 289 feet. As with all coils the whip may be shortened by adding a capacity hat. Authentic glazed ceramic end insulators. Here are some photos of one of my 9 1 baluns. 5 41 58 71 and 84 feet 160 Meters 1. HyEndFed The Ultimate Wire Antenna sinds 2006 . June 2018 Updated January 2019. Beverage Antenna 160 meters Build a Space Efficient dipole Antenna for 40 80 and 160 Meters 570 975 bytes PDF file QST July 1992 pp. I grabbed a 1 meter long RG 58 patch cord from my box of cables and added it in line with a T connector which was the best I had to add the slack I needed in the transmission line. 25 dBi 34 j429 vs 6. An antenna tuner with a built in balun matches the feed line impedance to the 50 coax to your radio. It is a good antenna Nov 11 2012 Zo is de trafo van mijn 80 40 end fed dan 20 meter draad dan een L C trap met 10 kV 68 pF doorknob condensator en een 7 uH spoel dan nog 11m draad. The original design shows two wires of 14. The antenna will be resonate at the Amateur bands specified for each model with very low to almost flat SWR. Mar 09 2010 This makes it very convenient to throw the antenna up in a tree and connect the bottom of it to your radio. Longwire antennas are typically designed so the lobes of that gain fall in desired directions. 95 If the antenna is used only for the lower frequencies 80 and 160 meters the same ratio is used with 3 primary and 21 secondary windings. Super strong custom fiberglass center insulator provides stress relief for ladder line 100 ft. Now I can work on the 10 15 20 40 and even on the 80 meters band without the use of a tuner. I made some modifications to the construction but I kept the critical parts intact. NN4AA 160 Meter T Arial May 16 2020 Field testing has revealed that the antenna works well with or without a ground attached. 1 presented here primariliy for mathematics buffs or those having access to electronic computers. The 640 will require a whip at least 72 inches long for 40 meter operation. Below is one example of how to build an 80 metre band long wire antenna for a house with a smaller garden. My transmission line really does tune my antenna system. Dec 13 2016 All of these are fed with a common feed line making expansion pretty easy. The antenna is really just 2 wires an 84 long wire and a 17 short wire. 37. If the loop is in the shape of square or large rectangle the SWR can be below 2 1 but will not get much below 1. All DXTREME models are a different design that work most efficiently with the length of wire is sold with is not just a common transformer with any random length of wire is a very optimize design. 92. The omni tower centers in the 160 meter four square. There is not another high support so the feed point of the EF would be at the tower top while the other end would be fairly close to the earth on a low support. The larger the wire the wider the bandwidth. For best results raise the Bullet matching unit as high as possible use a tree or vertical support and then extend the antenna wire horizontally or as an L horizontal with vertical end drop . I kept going. An additional problem is the width of the 80 meter band. The high end of the antenna is near 50 ft. The antenna can be seen as a dipole except that the feed point is placed at the end or The W1SFR End Fed 35 Random Wire Antenna with 9 1 UnUn What is a random wire antenna and how does it work The term random infers that you can use any length of wire you want as an antenna while that basic fact is true there are some practical considerations. Can I feed it with ladder line and get rid of coax cable or should I build A new dipole for 160 75 40 meters and feed it with ladder line I have manual tuners and auto tuners too. 94. OCFs are derived from the Windom antenna a 1929 concoction using a single wire feed attached to the antenna element at what was believed to be the 600 ohm point. THE OCF FD4 FD3 WINDOM ANTENNA 19 may 2011. radiator and a matching unit to couple the antenna to the radio. of 16 quot silky quot stranded wire cut to one wavelength long on Better yet it worked I made contacts on all bands. 95 The antenna can therefore be matched by creating a fixed inductor at say the centre and moving it up or down until you have a good match on your desired frequency. Weight 1 pound The DXTREME models are the ultimate end fed antennas with the capability of covering from 160 6 Meters and able to handle legal limit power handling with ease. Mainly I added HF connectors at each end so that it can go inline in with my coax to the antenna. I 39 ve liked EFHW End Fed Half Wave antennas for portable ops and so I immediately nbsp Results 1 17 of 17 Worlds Best Made 160 Meter Half Sloper Ham Radio Wire Antenna PORTABLE END FED 160 10 METERS HF DIPOLE ANTENNA Bug nbsp Click Votes Flag . You may feed this antenna with a 4 1 balun. Capable of handling near legal limit without core saturation. Any 160 meter mobile antenna will have very poor efficiency perhaps as low as . These Losses at the DX end of the band are under half a dB. Works great and gives several extra bands besides the 80 40 20 10 meters using Kenwood with End fed wire antennas. This antenna the Alpha Delta DX B is a trapped quarter wave single wire sloper for 160 80 40 and 30 meters and has been installed at the 55 39 level and slopes to about 25 39 off the ground. 21 G5RV Antenna. It consists of a main board with tuner and SWR indicator two trap pcb s and an end wire support. Nov 25 2007 A fter over 44 years of enjoying Amateur Radio I finally decided to attempt Ham Radio s TOP BAND 160 Meters. The Alpha J Pole Sr Antenna is only 60 feet in length. 2017 HF End Fed Antenna 1500W 160 6m Ham Antenna with 9 1 Top Band Hams 22 Different Wire Antennas for the 160 Meter Band Nikola Tesla . That is 468 Frequency Mhz will give you the overall length of the antenna. resulting antenna patterns which exhibit a marked improvement in lowering unwanted side lobes. 8 to 2. On 40m we are feeding it with 3 4 wavelength of ladder line. 5Mhz until the end of the NVIS range at 12Mhz at which point we change to 1Mhz steps and corresponding VSWR readings for this antenna design as detailed and installed at my QTH. So easy to install mine is fed about 8ft from the ground straight down to a earth rod these antennas are half wave just the same has a centre fed antenna but fed at the end. Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Trent Fleming lt Our 4 Band antennas cover 40 20 10 and 6 meters with no tuner required 12 meters may also work on the 4 Band 300 watt model. End Fed Antenna Click Votes Flag 160m mini portable End Fed Half Wave Tuner VK5ZVS 160 meter end fed G3YEU 10 20 40m Endfed antenna PA3FRP 30 meter End fed antenne PA1PXL 40m End Fed Half Wave EFHW Antenna VK1NAM 20 11 10m. 5 Ft. This worked much better and gave good results on all bands. 95 The end fed long wire project. of twin lead wire with one of its wires soldered to 33. antenna wire slopes to ground at about 45 degrees. Most hams don 39 t do this when they put up end fed wires so their antennas are more aptly named random wire end fed antennas. Oct 05 2015 The design was based on the end fed zep antenna as once trailed from Zeppelin Airships. I was asked to consider a 160 meter inverted V antenna. A 50 ohm feed line skirt nbsp 17 May 2019 Basic Concepts of a Dual Band vertical antenna W5JAW had modeled N3BB 39 s tower for a 160 m shunt fed vertical end Z diff. Off Center Fed Full Wave Doublet Antenna. G3YEU Installation. 160 m loop on 80 80 m loop on 40 20 m loop on 10 etc. On 75m we are feeding the antenna with a half wavelength of ladder line. Palomar Engineers employs a dual core matching system that offers wide bandwidth 1 61 MHz 500 watt PEP rating and a connection for a counterpoise or ground if desired. It is a resonant Half wave on 160m 1. Finally every decibel is important. See full list on hamradiosecrets. One thing to keep in mind is that most of the DX action on 160m happens in the low end of the band so that is where the best signals will be required. Hang it up in a hotel window or string it up in the attic. Other names include the tuned doublet and dipole with tuned feeders. OCF 5K160 5KW Multi Band Off Center Fed Dipole 159. These Are A Very Efficient Multi Band Antenna. Jan 16 2020 160 meter End Fed With this length of wire a coil of 11 turns is required resonating the antenna on 1. Need to measure the antenna today 30 feet to start out and then tune but we have bad storms going on till late tonight so may have to wait till tomorrow to put up and try out. 5 TPI. The W3EDP End fed antenna is a classical antenna in our series of HS4 Legendary Multiband Wire Antennas. Gene Preston K5GP A broadband 80 160 meter dipole. This antenna was designed at Barker amp Williamson by the request of the United States Government more than 30 years ago. 3 1 on 80m and 40m and below 3 1 on 20 15 and 10m. Designed for limited spaced applications and ruggedly built for many years of service. The W1SFR End Fed Antenna is 35 long and made with 18 ga Davis RF PolyStealth antenna wire or Wireman silky 18ga. EFLW 1. horisontal antenna wire from the top of the alu pole to a fibreglass mast at the other corner of the garden. Having read ON4UN 39 s Low Band DXing I had a good idea that an inverted V would not be an ideal DX antenna given my scenario small lot and only one 70ft support structure antenna or simply an antenna you take with you for a field operation or when camping. W0CM 6. 40 watching. You will need four insulators. 250 inch diameter copper wire is used to tune the 1. The result is an end feed broadband quarter wavelength inverted L antenna. It is optional may make it quieter. Stealth Flagpole Antenna and DX Vertical Antennas for HF radio at home HOA or remote ham radio. Specifications. Dat werkt als een speer. Here is a compendium of information about these excellent low noise receive antennas. Web Site of PA3EKE Hy End Fed Antenna. 42 51 j86 20 meter 8. Earth Rods 6 39 0 quot RG58 PL259 To Shack AMU and Transceiver. 92 begingroup Phil_12d3 Usually when one talks about random wire antennas one talks about end fed wire antennas. Key Features Specifications Frequency 80 6m inc WARC bands Unun 9 1 Length 20m Socket SO239 Mar 19 2016 End Fed Half Wave multiband This half wave antenna is similar to a dipole but the coaxial cable is connected to one end of the half wave wire allowed easier mounting than the typical center fed dipole. With a handy fixing plate for the toroid so no longer necessary for Oct 17 2017 An end fed half wave antenna is one of a specific length depending on the frequency that it is to be used on for example an end fed half wave antenna for 80 meters is about 130 long. Let me know what to do with the Aug 23 2015 At our last Work Play session on August 12th we tried to retune our 160 meter Off Center Fed OCF antenna. A piece of wire of almost any length can be used as an antenna on the HF bands. Maybe I will replace my inverted V dipole for a Hy End Fed for 40 meter. You ll find multi band dipoles all band HF antenna antenna kits and more. WARNING I have never fed this antenna with more than 100 watts. After much trimming it tunes the full 160m and 80m bands by selecting tap points on the coil with an alligator clip connected to the end of the radiator wire. On the receive side the standard 160 meter antenna is a Beverage of some form. I wouldn t have believed using a 35 antenna on 160 but I made a 500 mile contact with one call. 00 Shipping UltraLite Kid 40 6 Meters 41 feet 99. Since we tend to feed the dipole with coaxial cable we are concerned with the antenna length and resonance. 15 m long legs of 90 ft 27. Nov 04 2018 The EFHW 8010 End Fed antenna was recommended so we gave it a go. 6 m the height difference between its top and bottom is 26. With or without a tuner be sure your SWR numbers are low before putting power into the antenna. This article will initially concentrate on the half wavelength of wire and its use as an effective multiband antenna. It Is Made To Be Mounted Any Way You Like Horizontal Vertical Slope Inverted V or L Shape. I started by pounding a 8 foot ground rod into damp earth at a strategic spot about 5 feet from the base of a tree in my back yard. Years of trouble free service. It 39 s up to you to get it as high as nbsp Another is quot Antenna here is a 100 foot end fed wire about 15 feet above ground. First setup your end fed half wave tuner ex. Heavy duty construction . The wire itself consists of 168 strands of 36 gauge woven copper. 0 MHz rated at 2 KW SSB The DXTREME models are the nbsp Some houses don 39 t really lend themselves to installing a half wave dipole. If it isn 39 t end fed then it 39 s usually near center fed and becomes a dipole antenna instead. Now imagine 40 or 80 meters away . parallel tuned circuit link coupled with a resistor across the output as shown on the schematic below. I plan to raise the antenna by several meters this summer. post 10 Feb 2020. Even an antenna 13 feet in overall electrical length will require an inductor in the neighborhood of 600 uH. I have very little space to lay radials on our city sized lot. Ref. If you run more than 500 watts PEP and need a high power 9 1 unun for your end fed antenna check out the 1 7. Tutti sono in grado di gestire fino a 400 W RF. Notes 1 The ARRL Antenna Book is available from ARRL HQ for 18 plus 2. But to be strictly correct that antenna is a dipole only at the lowest frequency of use. 00 Free Shipping RW Antennastore model SL 160. To cover the whole band at one end the coil has 11 taps made from bannana jacks soldered to the tubing and spaced at 1 4 turn intervals. DX Engineerings 300 ohm line VF 0. The Nov 08 2016 To assess the end fed s performance I did a side by side comparison with my 80 meter loop skywire. New for 2018 AT2K gray front panel. 31 000 meters of radials with two Comtek Systems Hybrids and a custom K3LR designed splitter switch. But be warned end fed antennas can be noisier and also cause more EMC interference problems. Elevation patterns and Azimuth patterns at the peak of low angle radiation are plotted for all ham bands 80 Meters through 6 Meters. It works just fine and dandy on 20 meters as well but I 39 d rather have a dedicated 20 meter loop for 20 through 10 meters. Feedline Lengths The feedline length is also an important part of a quot friendly quot antenna design. This is an End Fed Half Wave EFHW antenna for 160 80 60 40m. 4 Apr 2020 I put up a 160 meter end fed half wave antenna to get a feel for how it behaves gathering more data and experience before the big spiral delta nbsp 29 Oct 2018 Here 39 s a quick easy way to put your 80 10 end fed half wave antenna on 160 meters. Forgive me if this is obvious to everybody else D. However as a MFJ Enterprises Inc Ameritron Hy Gain Hygain Cushcraft Vectronics Mirage MFJ MFJ Enterprises Antenna Radio Ham Radio Amateur Radio Tuner Analyzer Starkville Amplifier Oct 17 2017 Leaving 17m an 12m to combine in one antenna. 48 118 j316 12 meter 10. My most recent antenna for top band was an odd shaped 160 meter full wave Since a vertical Inverted L is really a end fed antenna it requires some form of nbsp become a Topband curmudgeon avoiding putting up a 160 meter antenna because it may be helical coil turns amp diameter of wire length diameter of end loading rod and you get SX 99 receiver with an end fed long wire. Here is the remote control version using relays. Since a vertical Inverted L is really a end fed antenna it requires some form of path for the return current which typically is either an An early version of this type of HWV antenna for 160 meters was the quot rubber duckie quot antenna developed by Joe Moraski KY3F in the early 1990s. 160m End Fed antenna February 2015 Some history About two years ago February 2015 I had a QSO with ON9CC OT6M Frank on the 160 meter band. 0 VSWR to 1 1 the idea being that at 3 1 or less with good rg 8 or better coax on the lower frequencies the Jul 10 2017 this pdf file desscribes how to homemade a multi band end fed trapped wire antenna resonating on the low bands of 160 80 and 40 meters contains trap design instructions and some construction tips . The tower is 65ft high. The automatic antenna coupler is designed for use with end fed unbalanced antennas such as whips and long wires. Sometimes however the centre feed is not ideal for example when you want to use it as a vertical. Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Tim Duffy K3LR Re Topband 160 meter current fed T antenna where did I go wrong Mark Lunday. Unfortunately the rods are more narrow than the web site suggests so the clips I purchased from a local farm center were too large to grip. The PEF 160 10 contains a FT 240 61 trifilar wound 9 1 UNUN unbalance to unbalance torrid matching transformer that will match the high input impedance of an end fed antenna into the range where most antenna tuners can produce good performance. It is similar like the PAR end fed antenna. Sep 01 2010 I lack the space for anything even approaching an efficient 160m dipole. Then the wire continues down the fibreglass mast and ends 1 meter above ground level. End fed long wires must be hung at similar height to get the performance to This antenna proves no exception to that rule. Off Center Fed Windom Style Dipole Base Station Antenna With A 4 1 Balun. 3 ECO 68 WIRE DIPOLE FOR 40 80 160 METERS 7 3. The remaining parts are the feedline and if used an antenna tuner. Ik zou er gewoon 20m draad aan hangen met de bekende 100 150 pF in het doosje voor betere match op 10m. Ham Radio A 160 meter end fed half wave antenna on 630 meters KB7TBT Apr 6 2020 1. Pennant 5. But performance is down about 8 12db on a dipole on 80m. Results 1 16 of 145 Portable End Fed 40 6 Meters Poly Stealth Dipole Antenna AEcreative 10 160 Meter Amateur ham HF Band Radio Wire Loop Antenna nbsp Exploring loaded vertical 160m antenna and a 160m kite antenna. 160meter half sloper Worlds Best Made 160 Meter Half Sloper End Fed Ham Radio Antenna 1KW SSB. Fully extended the antenna is 42 I use this antenna mounted as a sloper fed at 58 ft. It is designed to be non resonant. The antenna is fed about 87 feet in from one end of the antenna. So basically a square inverted U This is the far end of the antenna. Nov 22 2012 The MJF antenna has a matching network at the base of the antenna that provides the right impedance so the HT can drive the wave element without a problem. over the past three years I have found the loops to outperform on every band which also includes the harmonics on 20 18 15 and 10 meters. The Dipole is 90 foot above the ground with 600 ohms open wire feed line. Great for limited space areas . 3 . Lengths starting from 17 39 10 Meters up to 260 39 160 Meters PORTABLE END FED 160 10 METERS HF DIPOLE ANTENNA Bug Out Bag. The antenna is constructed from a single length of 50 or 75 Ohm coax with a coaxial feed point in the center. Being able to feed the dipole from one end gives you more options on how to erect an antenna and makes portable operation easier. Authentic KB9VBR 2 Meter VHF SLIM JIM amateur ham radio J Pole base antenna DBJ 1 Dual Band VHF UHF 2 meter 70cm ham base antenna ANTENNA TRIPOD 29FT ALUMINUM PORTABLE TOWER MAST KIT NEW HF End Fed Antenna EFHW 8010 1K 1000W 80 10m NO TUNER NEEDED 130 feet long 2 meter 70cm Dual Band Collapsible Copper J Pole Antenna by KC SDV Free shipping The voltage at the end of an EFHW is easily estimated using the fomula E SQRT P R where E is the Voltage P is the Power in Watts and R is the end resistance Ohms of the antenna. This particular model has the lower capacity hat at 3 meters high the high end at 18 meters high and the capacity hats horizontal wires are 58 meters long. 02 2268 j1565 44 33 Angle of radiation remained identical 6 feet ends The 80 meter which is about 250 feet away is fed by LMR 400 coax Davis Bury FLEX through Schedule 40 conduit for the 80 meter . The vertical part is designed as half of the antenna Bazooka. Antenna Projects From The YCCC Double L For 80 160 Two Wire Beverage A Poor Man 39 s 160 Meter 4 Square Using a 4 square Vertical Phased Array to improve your 80 and 160 meter signal From The Yankee Clipper Contest Club Verk rzte Antennen Short Dipoles and Verticals for 160m amp 80m From DJ9RB 160 80 40 Meters 55 Foot Vertical From K5OE Both are fed at 47 feet that being the highest point for either. The vertical section should be as high as possible with the remainder of the antenna run horizontally to a support such as a tree or a mast. Complete DIY kit EndFed Multiband Antenna for 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 80 160 Meters and nbsp Skirt wires are in two sets separately fed at their lower ends by separate coaxial cable coupling capacitors for operation on different bands. It Will Handle The Legal Limit 1500 Watts Of Power. If fed at the end a. p. I bought it right after getting my license to get on all bands and I still enjoy that aspect. MFJ 1984LP 39. Shoddytenna 160m portable antenna. If the legs slope down at the minimum 120 degree angle you need about 60 feet of ground space. 0 to 54. The circuit uses a 20 to 160 pF quot polyvaricons quot variable capacitor and a T 50 2 core wound with 28 turns of AWG 24 enameled wire for the secondary winding with one 3 turns of AWG 24 for the primary winding The good thing about this particular multi band antenna is that it covers the majority of the HF amateur bands that I 39 m interested in particularly 80m 40m 17m and 12m as well as 20m. 8 ft 10. I do not use an antenna tuner on either loop. single wire for a total length of Using the W7FG Open Wire Fed True Ladder Line Multi Band Dipole Is Easy Why use an open wire fed doublet Quite simply they are efficient broadband easily tuned with a balanced input tuner nearly unaffected by rain easy to erect stay up and remain quot trouble free quot for years. Full Size Quad Loop 2. 1m of 300 Ohm twin feeder. Enter the desired operating frequency in megahertz to get a good starting length for a dipole in both feet and meters. the coax as the return path for the minimal antenna currents. I recommend using a link coupled balanced tuner as shown in Figure 2. 5 7. 135 ft 41. Installation. Frequency Coverage 10 40 Meters 10 80 Meters It is fed with home made open wire feedline. By use of feeders about 66 feet in length it is also possible to use the antenna as a Hertz on 80 and a Marconi on 160 resonating it in each band for best signal to 160 10 Meter W7FG True Ladder Line Open Wire Fed Dipole 240 39 Dipole With 150 39 Feed Line 197. pdf K0BG Myths W9IPR. 2. If you must use a half wave end fed antenna make SURE you ground the radio and the matching transformer secondary to avoid RF burns from the chassis. Fig 1 shows the simple broadband antenna system as used at my station. Other than that this antenna acts just like the classic center fed dipole. This is the feed impedance and SWR of an end fed 80 meter half wave with an ideal 49 1 transformer and good stable counterpoise or ground. 96. A tuner can be used to make your transmitter happy but remember a tuner does not change the antenna. This works on 10 20 meters I found a 47k ohm resistor works 6m and above since the rfc acts as an inductor on higher frequencies. 9 MHz right in the middle of the 160 meter band and around 5. Build a Space Efficient dipole Antenna for 40 80 and 160 Meters by ARRL Mar 07 2018 Overview of the modern End Fed Half Wave An Skip navigation 160 Meter Folded Counterpoise Inverted L The 49 1 Half Wave End Fed Antenna Transformer Part 1 characteristic of even a 43 foot antenna on 160 and 80 meters. 9 MHz Full Wave Loop Antenna. The design frequency the feedpoint impedance will be between 80 and 150 ohms. It is a half wave long on the lowest frequency and is fed from a coax cable through a transformer inserted in the wire at one third from one end. wire at 6 turns per inch. A 30 foot run of RG 8 coax runs into the basement shop to an antenna switch and HF radio. The good the bad. The red line represents the horizontal radiation pattern and the blue line represents the vertical take off angle. I just helped install the 117 ft. 40 and 20 meter are my favourite bands. This antenna is used on 160 meters only and is coaxial cable fed. A shunt fed or slant wire antenna comprises a grounded tower with the top of a sloping single wire feed line attached at a point on the mast that results in an approximate match to the impedance desired at the other end of the sloping feed wire. Jul 07 2020 The OCF or Off Center Fed Dipole antenna is much like a conventional dipole antenna in that the formula you use to calculate the length of it is the same. If you are limited on space to hang an antenna but still want to use all of the HF bands thenthe quot QSO KING quot is a good choice for you. Complete with 2 end insulators and 1 centre insulator Resonates on 10m 20m 40m amp 80m Works on 30m 17m 15m 12m amp 6m with antenna tuner Excellent antenna I have the 80 10mtr efhw I have mine in a inverted v type configuration about 45ft in the centre where the maximum radiation occurs. The Yo Yo End Fed Antenna. included . Do not place a balun in the coax line. Search Search 6 160 Meter J Pole Jr 34 foot End Fed antenna A combination of antenna designs namely the J Pole and Zepp along with Alpha Antenna 39 s matching network technologies are utilized to achieve a fairly Ham Radio Equipment Ham Radio Antenna All Band Base Mobile Tape Measure Body Parts Jr Projects Hobbies Tom I have used a 135 foot or so end fed No. The unique combination of backpacking quality hardware a 10 meter 32 tall mast that collapses to 26 inches and custom feed points and accessories I am going to take down my 260 long end fed 70 1 transformer and start over. Let 39 s take a look at some of the pictures This is the North end of the antenna. 90 MHz This antenna is tuned by the following procedure 1 Put up the entire length of wire and the 4 1 balun and resonate it to the upper end of 80 meters by lengthening or shortening it. Swr on my meter is less then significant even with no tuner. 300 1 1 and to 14. 10 160 METER 60 END FED ANTENNA. 106. Single band antenna when fed by coax 20 meters and above or 80 meters and above Hang a dipole or end fed L or random length A shortened multi band End Fed Half Wave EFHW antenna for 80 10m Steve Nichols G0KYA A shortened multiband antenna about 23m long for 80m 10m that offers low SWR 1. 26 to 27 meters 85 to 88 ft. As with all trap dipoles this one has less than ideal bandwidth due to the load ing effect of the traps. A well designed matching transformer at the end feed point facilitates this antenna configuration. Crimping and soldering is suggested. One of the cautions you sometimes see in discussions of the end fed antenna are quot avoid multiples of a half wave. Since then we have supplied tens of thousands of them to the U. Even tho gh largely neutralized by becoming A 160 meter dipole. So do all antennas but not at the design frequency there at the design frequency the terminal impedance is quite predictable. 41. The antenna displays a low feed impedance which allow you to feed it directly with 50 ohm coax cable. Our 4 Band antennas cover 40 20 10 and 6 meters with no tuner required 12 meters may also work on the 4 Band 300 watt model. The End Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. e. They look like Figure 1. Unfortu nately the long wavelength 4 is 70 feet at 3. The property is plenty long enough but my shack is located at one end of it. Introduction. 2 MHz dividing 7. Note It is not imperative to feed the OCF antenna at the point shown. I was in Chicago had that loaded 80 40 dipole up in the air fed with RG59 and a quot string of beads quot choke balun and wanted to work 160. Lengths starting from 17 39 10 Meters up to 260 39 160 Meters Retail 94. Le LW 40 sono antenne long wire end fed. It also formed the basis of the antenna I finally decided to use. 57 MHz fundamental resonance. The antenna is made for 160 meters and then with the usual formula 142 freq you get the length of the wire of 77. com End Fed antenna for 160 80 40 meters band This PDF File desscribes how to homemade a multi band end fed trapped wire antenna resonating on the low bands of 160 80 and 40 meters. On 160 I can also short the feedline and tune the antenna system as a T wire antenna against ground but it seems to make very little if any difference. This all aluminum gutter is fed with coax with an unterminated shield at this end shield connected to radio ground at the other to reduce nearby computer hash from inside the house. Ideal for 160 6m and when used with a good quality ATU a perfect match can be obtained on all bands. I can tune this antenna from 160 to 10 meters. the antenna making the right hand side 1 2 plus 1 4 wavelengths or a total of 3 4 wavelengths long. However just because an antenna can be made to work is no guarantee that it will perform efficiently. End Base Fed Inverted L 45 ft version Elevation and Azimuth Radiation Plots Below are presented the results of EZNec modeling of a 45 ft long End Base Fed Inverted L 23 ft high and 22 ft across. 83 Buy It Now 14d 12h. I setup the end fed as a sloper with the loaded end supported by a tree about 25 feet in the air and the feedpoint about 3 feet off the ground. Simply hang the far end from a tree limb the coax is at the bottom. 6 dB and a vertical pattern which is virtually identical to a base fed antenna of the same height except for a very small amount of radiation at The internal tuner of my FT950 tuned this antenna also on the other bands. Model 9006700. Terminated Sloper Antenna. 95 437. The 4 band Fritzel model FD4 is a special version of a Windom antenna. for the 160 Meter Band. End Fed Horizontal Wires EFHW cover multiple bands with out traps stubs or resonators. The ladder line is attached to a 4 1 balun at the West end of the house 39 s roof. The EAntenna 160OCF3 Windom 160 antenna is an ideal antenna for portable or fixed with exceptional nbsp ANK 910M antenna kits suitable for offsite EMC testing from 9 kHz to 1 GHz supplied with a carrying case that has specific storage for each antenna. Third Beverage Antenna is sustained at strong winds and ice rain it is very important for Canadian winter. While dipoles are very efficient antennas they are not the only way to go. I decided to look at several configurations to see which might stand out the easy setup with the short wire thrown on the ground an end fed zep configuration one with the short wire about 2 above ground and a simple 84 end fed wire sketches are below . 2 metres fed with 11. In practice I found that the tap points vary quite a bit depending on where the antenna is set up and so a SWR meter is necessary to tune the antenna on any site. Portable operation could not be easier. How to make the antenna resonant for both bands. 950MHz with an SWR of 1. 500 roll of wire on ground 3. Details for the W3EDP antenna are quite straightforward and it is basically another version of an end fed wire antenna. Of course I calculate basic stuff length etc. That dipole may be cut to length on a specific frequency or it may be quot however long you can make it quot but it 39 s still a dipole not an end 17 Delta Fed Dipole Antenna. It utilizes a 9 1 UNUN transformer in order to bring the impedance of the antenna to more manageable values for your antenna tuner. Double Extended Zepp Antenna. Wegens vakantie gesloten tot 15 9. It s no red hot DX antenna but it gets out reasonably well on all bands and I have worked a fair amount of DX on it in the last 2 years. But height is very limited above 70 feet. The matchbox handles 500 to 1000 watts of power PEP into a matched load. The performance characteristics are quite outstanding. Each antenna element is supported by a 16 foot 2 x 6 with a pulley and rope to allow easy lowering and raising of the end of the element for tuning. I use a 160 meter Dipole with a Tuned Reflector below some 60 feet away from the Driven Element. 20 Meter dipole for 10 20 40 meter band end fed antenna kit including 100 Watt 1 49 impedance transformer wire of your choice DIY kit. It worked well on a number of bands 80 40 and 30 meters portions of 17 15 and 10 meters and the upper half of the 160 meter band. G5RV true G5RVK Antenna 57. 160 meter end fed antenna